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  • Brass doorhandles
  • Satin brass doorhandles
  • Satin chrome door handles
  • Chrome handles

    Our selection of chrome door handles fuse style with affordability providing the cheapest and most stylish internal door handles without compromising on quality. With tens of chrome door handle designs to buy including polished and brushed chrome door handles and a choice of different shape and thickness rose you’re sure to find a handle that suits your architectural tastes and budget.

  • Antique door handles
  • Aluminum door handles
  • Stainless steel door...

    Our wide range of stainless steel door handles provide an ultra-modern look suitable for almost all door types and settings, what’s more stainless steel door handles bring you the benefits of a durable and maintenance free metal that simply looks stunning. Available in a choice of finishes including duo, polished and brushed steel door handles ensuring a perfect look for your home.

  • ROUND AND SQUARE rosette

    In this category you find the rosettes door handles. These products can easily be fitted to the doors without any measurement. You only have to decide whether you need a key or cylinder punch or wc closure. The equipment points are usually covered by decorative elements with rosettes, so it is very aesthetical because the fixing points do not appear.

  • WINDOW & BALCONY handles
  • Double effect chrome...

    Double color effect on chrome door handles taken from our designer range are mixed duo finish polished and brushed chrome door handles. Looking exceptionally good within homes with a modern interior  mixed polished and brushed chrome door handles on round rose or plates provide a strong and bold appearance. Great value for money the straight lever chrome door handles bring you style and affordability.

  • Antracit/Grafit kilincsek

    In this category, today's increasingly modern homes are built with anthracite, graphite and graphite / glossy chrome door handles. These products are mostly exclusive and premium quality door handles.

  • Forged iron handle

    Black door handles are a prevailing style of internal door handles for modern homes and properties. A contemporary design, black door handles boast an appearance that’s hard to find with other handles. Great quality and low price the black door handles feature an inspirational black powder coated finish winged shaped lever on rose or plates which will transform your doors and impress all those who visit.

  • Brass door handles for...
  • Less housing size
  • From the 1960-90 years
  • Plastic handle
  • Maestro door handles

    Here they are door handles collection from European famous producers with no claim of being exhaustive. Please tote that these products which are listed below in this category you can receive within 1-3 weeks.

  • Bussare door handles
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Showing 1 - 12 of 718 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 718 items