Before you buy a product, measure it,
and only then choose the finest one!

Our aim is to help you to find the best choice of door handle which meet your requirements. These are the basic information which explain the steps you should follow when you discover our webpage. Please carefully read the information below before buying. So it will be guaranteed that you will choose good-sized and well-fitted door handles. You will need a calliper or other measuring device.
If you need more information ask our colleagues on phone or write an email on the following e-mail address:

The first step is to know what kind of lock do you have?
Your lock can be with traditional key hole(1), cylinder hole(2) or toilette type one.


When you buy door handle and chose the option "Méretválasztás" meaning size selection, you can find these categories in the basket: „Normál záras”, „Cilinderes záras”, „WC záras” which means the following:
„Normál záras" means: BB. Normal hole which use for inside room doors.(use with normal round rod shaped keys)(1)
„Cilinderes záras" means: PZ. Security cylinder hole which usually goes together with entrance doors(use with flat shaped keys)(2)
„WC záras" means: It is a special lock which is used for the toilet room doors.(the turning knobs are installed on the plates) Please, kindly note that the door handle price doees not include the special lock body. It has an extra fee wich you can see when you put it in the cart.



Because of their mobility they are very handy and can be used with all type of lock. There is no need extra measurements, because the escutcheon can be fixed anywhere where the hole settle. As a result the size of your lock doesn't matter! It is the easiest way to avoid trouble with sizes! The only necessary thing to do is to decide which lock do you need(traditional key, cylinder or toilette lock).
Furthermore, be sure that the distance between the key hole and the edge of your door is must be at least 3 cm. This way you making sure that the choosen product will match. We want to make you satisfied with the wide range of possibility to choose the proper style of doorhandle. On our website we can assure round, oval, square shaped escutcheons(lower rosettes) which go with the upper rosette. Be sure that the 2 rosettes are not in contact with each other during the installation.
Hungarian standard sizes: 90mm, 55mm
You may have other rare sizes: 72mm, 78mm, 85mm, 88mm, 92mm



The size selection is essential. The measure of the door handle is the distance between the centre of the handle square spindle(which is located on the neck of the grip) and the middle of the key hole. This is the most vital measurement you need, which is depicted on the picture with "X". When you buy a door handle there is an option where you can choose the appropriate size from the size option below the quantity. There you can find the choices of holes(key, cylindrical, bathroom lock design.) and the "X"measurement unit in millimeters, which was measured by you. If you can not find your measured size between the options that is mean you have an unique sized door handle. In this case, please, note it in the "COMMENT" section. After, we measure your special request we will  inform you about the extra charge.
We offer you price bracket discount depending on the quantity you buy. Our aim is to make you satisfied during the purchase.

In addition, you also have to considerate the following two things:
Normally, most of the opening direction of the door handle works only down because of the
because of the mechanics with springy operation. However, if you have a multi-point lock on your entrance door or just needed to work the lever upward, please, note it in the COMMENT section. This way we can prepare it for you. (In these models the directon of the handle does not matter.)
If you do not have to operate the lever up, you can use spring-loaded handle of the front door as well.


This step is mainly important when you have an entrance door! You need to determine the direction of the lever. It can be a left or right one. Stand opposite that side of the door which you would like to open out by handle. And then make sure that one hand touching the handle. (right or left hand) and had already decided that you need the right or left cylinder. Then you can easily select from the options the required type and size.


These products are extremely recommended to use on entrance doors to protect your home. Most of these made of a cast, brief, thick shield and massive door handle. Thanks to it, it's better withstand the load. There is no hole on the outer shield so the shield can not be removed externally. The outer shield is attached by screws from inside.
With Portal doorhandle locks must be the same punch holes as in formed in the lock. Or it is also enough if the through-screw goes above and below the lock.


These models as a standard, both sides opened the door. If you want one side or maybe both side of the knob to do not operate the lock, please indicate in the COMMENT box, so that we can fix the knob with an individual technic.
The prices include a piece of knob and a piece of handle. If you need knobs on both side of the shield, please, indicate it in the COMMENT box.
When you choose asymmetric knob, please, take into consideration the width of the door not to be narrower than the length of the knob. This way you can prevent unpleasentment.


If you do not want to close the inner door, but already fitted with key lock or you just accidentally lost your key, you can use this type of shield. In this case you block the opening of the lock hole or just hide the hole.


The products are sold by us removable iron square-axis. In this case these axes are easily shapeable. It can be shorter with cut. Moreover very practical for old tyde of window system, where the axis stick out because it is fixed into the lock. In this case our product are readily fixable.
If you need a type in which the iron square-axis is fixed ito the handle, please, indicate your request in the COMMENT section. We make it for you at an additional cost. When you choosing an asymmetrical window handle note the opening direction of the window.
With these types, you must measure what kind of square-axis you need. (6,7,8 mm) Then, after the measurement choose the apropriate option from the appering SIZE OPTION box. If you need a different size, please note in the COMMENT section.


Sometimes necessary to establish the thickness of the door itself. In special cases it happens that the square iron
The length of the standard square-iron is 100 mm which is for 60-65mm thickness doors.
Absolutely necessary to equip a safety door handle on the entrance door. These can be fixed with 2 or 3 transit screws which fix the outern shield inside.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question!
Call us or write an e-mail on, where we happily try to help you and solve the upcoming problems. We hope that after carefully reading the above mentioned information, we helped you giveing sufficient information to be able to choose the right kind of home decorative product.

We wish you a good shopping!

Door Handle Store Team