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Danabridge V3 – Wi-Fi Bridge For Danalock V3 Bluetooth

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Danabridge V3 allows you to have a remote access to Danalock V3 Bluetooth lock. Since now you can manage and control an access to your home from anywhere via internet in your phone. Just by one click you can see if the kids arrived home or open the door to the serviceman.

Wi-Fi bridge for Danalock V3 locks allows also the interaction with cloud services (e.g. IFTTT). Just plug it into the socket in Bluetooth range of your Danalock lock and pair it up once.
Easy one-time bridge setup

Plus Danabridge V3 into the socket in Bluetooth range of Danalock and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. Then pair Danabridge with Danalock V3. All settings can be made via app, which also ensures that you have an overview of the lock - thanks to Danabridge it will send notifications according to your settings.
Control the security lock remotely
All features can be controlled remotely via app, so for example, as an administrator, you can grant an access remotely or ensure that the lock is locked. All in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Strong security of Danalock system
Danabridge V3 is a part of Danalock system which use advanced encryption method for data transmission. Communication between lock and phone is encrypted by AES 256 algorithm.

It is an unsurpassed security of data transmission encryption. Without worries and delays, you will unlock the door for craftsmen or check that your kids are already at home.

Features of Wi-Fi Bridge
⦁ Flexible access to V3 control
⦁ Remote lock control from smartphone with internet access
⦁ Simple one-time setup via application
⦁ Placing in a socket in the Bluetooth range of the lock
⦁ Interaction with cloud services
⦁ Mediates receiving of notifications
⦁ Compatible with iOS and Android systems
⦁ Connecting via cable or directly to adapter

Danalock app

The Danalock app is free for smartphones and tablets with iOS (from version 9.0) and Android (from version 5.0) with Bluetooth support 4.2. After downloading the app, create an user (administrator) account and add a new lock to the virtual keyring.
Technical specifications

⦁ Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.3 x 3.2 cm
⦁ Weight: 36 g
⦁ Pairing with up to 2 Danalock V3 locks
⦁ Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.2, Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11b / g / n
⦁ Power USB power supply • Power supply: Power plug (230V)
⦁ AES 256 Encryption Level

Color signaling

⦁ Long white flash - on
⦁ Constant red - loss of Wi-Fi connection
⦁ Yellow flashing - Danabridge is not configured
⦁ Red flashing - Loss of server connection
⦁ Green flashing - the process of connecting
⦁ Constant blue - Danabridge configuration is in progress
⦁ Constant purple - firmware update in progress
⦁ Constant green - Danabridge is online

Package contains:

⦁ Danabridge V3
⦁ USB cable (105 cm)
Network adapter

World leader in the development and manufacture of smart locksmith accessories Danalock is still a family company owned by Overgaard´s father and son. For more than 10 years, the Danish-based team has been developing and refining smart locks for both the home and business sectors.

The company's range is worldwide, which is reflected in the extensive experience with various types of doors, lock systems and technologies. In addition to smart technology, all models combine unexpected user comfort and superior security.


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